Cultural commitment

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Cultural Commitment 

There is blood in the soil and stolen ground we stand upon that must be acknowledged.
Black Lives Matter and we explicitly affirm our focus as an anti-racist organisation.

Red Room Poetry acknowledges the deep impact of systemic oppression on First Nations people and marglinalised communities with which we work. We are committed to supporting First Nations Elders, Custodians, and culturally diverse groups, communities, team members, poets and artists as core to our work. The Red Room Poetry team and Board are united in honouring paths of self-determination and First Nations voices now and always.


We are dedicated to:

  • Working in ways that decenter colonial perspectives, acknowledge, support and celebrate First Nations and culturally diverse people to participate and lead all aspects of our activities as Board and Advisory Council members, staff, commissioned poets, guest curators, editors, producers, and across media platforms. 

  • Deepening strategies that ensure First Nations cultural safety protocols, editing frameworks and employment of poets and communities.

  • Ongoing Staff and Board decolonisation and anti-racist practices.

  • Championing First Nations and marginalised voices across all Red Room Poetry projects like Poetry in First Languages, Guwayu – For All Times, Youth Unlocked, A Sweatshop in a Red Room, Extinction Elegies, Writing Water, New Shoots and In Your Hands.