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All student poems

The School

Abbotsleigh is a private girls' school with junior and senior campuses located on Sydney's north shore.  As a metropolitan, single-sex private school, it reflected one element of the broad education sector that we wish Red Room Education to appeal to.

The Project

Anna Kerdijk Nicholson visited a broad cross-section of students at Abbostleigh School for Girls, combining classes of different learning levels.  In between visits, she communicated with students about their poems via the school intranet.  In her final visit, some of the girls performed their work to their peers; after her departure, the classes put together a powerpoint montage of their experience.

The Poet

Anna Kerdijk Nicholson

Anna Kerdijk Nicholson's first book of poetry, The Bundanon Cantos (Five Islands Press, 2003) was mentioned in the Sydney Morning Herald's Best Books of 2003. Also in that year, the Australia Council for the Arts awarded Anna funding to write a poetry manuscript on appropriation, through the eyes of Captain Cook. This latest work, Possession, was released in 2010 by Five Islands Press. 

 She featured on Red Room Radio in 2003 and 2006, starring in the literary TV series The Wordshed’. Anna is also a Sydney based lawyer.

Listen to the interview with Anna and hear her read the poem written for Red Room Remains - 'Sustainable Sydney' project.

Anna's poems are also featured on our free app, The Disappearing