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All student poems

The School

Concord High School is located in Sydney's west, near Homebush Bay.  The school is a co-ed campus with a recognised school newspaper and strong resources for Gifted and Talented (GAT) students.  Approximately 750 students from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds attend the school. There is a significant contingent (about 10%) of International students who complete their senior studies at Concord, coming mainly from Korea and China.

The Project

A Year 10 GAT class worked on The Cabinet of Lost & Found learning resource with Australian performance poet Bravo Child.  After watching Bravo perform his poems, the group set to work on exploring how graffiti could convey their writing to the school community.  Teacher John Turner purchased an old fridge from eBay: over a few weeks of class sessions, the students drew text on the outside; on the inside, they filled the shelves to overflowing with eggs, vegetables and fruit, poetically labelled containers and mannequin body parts - all emblazoned with words.

The class presented the fridge "cabinet" to the rest of Year 10 and their teachers, with some students reading their work and Bravo performing his poem, "The Fridge of Lost and Found", written for the school.

The Poet

Bravo Child

Bravo Child is an acclaimed Sydney based performance poet who has starred in productions at Newcastle Young Writers’ Festival and The State Library SLAM poetry competitions. Child had described himself as "having a passion for language and the innate aesthetics of human expression". He has run poetry and storytelling workshops in the community, education and business sectors all around Australia. As an artist he has brought his brand of playful performance to stages at the Sydney Festival, Melbourne Overload Festival, Woodford Folk Festival and Sydney Opera House

Listen to an interview with Bravo and hear him read the poem created for Red Room Remains, 2007.