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The School

Kangaroo Valley School has a long and proud history. It has an important part to play in the lives of the 100 families whose children attend school. Many changes have occurred, especially in recent years to both the physical nature of the school and its clientele. Our stated purpose is to prepare our children for high school, and entry into society, by providing them with the best possible education.

The Project

In February of 2019, Red Room Poetry returned to Kangaroo Valley. This year artist Jennine Primmer and poet Kirli Saunders led students through a visual poetry workshop as part of the New Shoots project, celebrating, cultivating and collecting poems inspired by plants. Students pondered the secret lives of trees and created environmentally inspired poetic artworks reflecting and incorporating the natural world around them.

View the student artworks (exhibited at the Kangaroo Valley Show on Feb 15-16) here!
Part 1
Part 2

The Poet

Jennine Primmer

Jennine is a visual artist and writer with over 20 years’ experience in creative education. She has a Masters from COFA, UNSW and was the founder/director of Artspace Studio, a creative arts school for young people and The Gallery @ BFS, Australia’s first professional gallery linking children and adult artists. Jennine has presented at conferences nationally and in NZ and Italy and has produced commissioned works (including Joy & Mess 2016) for film, TV and museums. She is convinced that professional creatives have super powers, particularly in the realm of poetic learning and happiness making!