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All student poems

The School

Marrickville High School reflects the vibrant, multi-faceted nature of the Marrickville community. The school community is multicultural in nature but dedicated to one aim- maximising student achievement through the delivery of quality comprehensive education for all. 

The school staff is dedicated to improving the outcomes of the students in their charge through ongoing individual professional learning plans. Their priorities align with school and faculty plans that reflect the goals of the school as determined by a dynamic process of consultation between staff, students and parents.

This three way partnership is built on the foundation of strong community connections and co-operation with our feeder schools that ensures students make a seamless transition to high school. When students leave school, our best practice careers program, our partnerships with The University of Sydney through the Compass program and UNSW through the Aspire program, and our links with the major Sydney TAFE colleges developed through integrated TAFE programs ensures they have the best possible start to tertiary education and their career pathway.

The Project

At this Red Room Education workshop at Marrickville High School, poet Lindsay Tuggle introduced students to a brand-new resource: The Disappearing. Based around The Red Room Company's major public project for 2012, The Disappearing, students were asked to consider people, places and things in the world around them that were in the process of vanishing. These works were then published on The Disappearing app, which can be downloaded for iPhone, iPad and Android free. 

Lindsay also composed a poem for the school, ‘An Accurate Martyr’, which is available on the app and the Red Room website (or view in playlist above).

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The Poet

Lindsay Tuggle

Lindsay Tuggle is the author of The Afterlives of Specimens (The University of Iowa Press, 2017) and Calenture (Cordite Books, 2018). She has been a fellow at the Library of Congress, the Mütter Museum / College of Physicians of Philadelphia, and the Australian Academy of the Humanities.

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