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The School

Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College is an independent Catholic secondary school for girls, Years 7 to 12, located in North Sydney. As an integral part of Year 7 and continuing into the following years, the College has a strong emphasis on the development of advanced thinking, co-operative learning, research skills and metacognition for all students, regardless of their ability. These skills help students understand their own learning and assist in the development of independent study.

The Project

On March 13th, poet Maureen Ten will guide students from Monte Sant Angelo Mercy College through a series of unique poetry writing activities to strengthen creative writing and poetic expression. Students will have the opportunity to develop language and build confidence in expressing and analysing poetry, drawing on Maureen's works that feature in the curriculum. 

The Poet

Maureen Ten

Maureen has directed plays and documentaries, penned a newspaper column and tutored at the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur. Arriving in Sydney in 1989, Maureen has convened various poetic events, read at the Sydney Writers Festival, and has been published in Westerly, Imago, the Sydney Morning Herald, and anthologies including Australian Asian Poets. She edited the independently published anthology Mood Lighting which won the 2005 Wild & Woolley Prize for poetry. Maureen holds a Master’s Degree in English from the University of Kent in Canterbury, UK.