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All student poems

The School

Students from Camden High School, Crookwell High School and Moss Vale High School participated in a workshop run by The Red Room Company and acclaimed writer and poet Dr Anna Westbrook. 

Camden High School is a comprehensive co-educational school with an emphasis on traditional subjects, while offering several vocational education courses. It has strong ties with the local community and has a particularly strong co-curriculum that features the creative and performing arts, adventure programs and sports.

Crookwell High School
is a comprehensive, country high school offering a broad curriculum in a friendly and supportive environment. The school promotes the attainment of high personal standards and the pursuit of excellence within a caring environment, with the curriculum offering a wide range of elective and vocational courses. 

Moss Vale High School is a comprehensive secondary school serving a community extending from Robertson in the east to Wingello in the south. Set in extensive grounds on a hill overlooking the northern outskirts of Moss Vale, it provides space for the growth and development of young people. Take a peak at their creative talents in the Bamir Language Gallery

The Project

On Friday 7th November, writer and poet Dr. Anna Westbrook joined The Red Room Company to run an intensive poetry writing with students from Camden, Crookwell and Moss Vale High School. Using activities inspired by The Disappearing learning resource, Anna helped students explore different poetic possibilities, such as prose poems, group poems, kuhi stones and collage poems. Take a look at what the students produced and displayed in Bamir Language Gallery at Moss Vale High School. 

You can find all student poems from Anna's workshop grouped under "Moss Vale" in The Disappearing app. 

Additionally, you can discover their prose poems published here:  

Camden High School

Crookwell High School

Moss Vale High School 

Explore the students' unique group and collage poems here: 

Miscellaneous Group Poems 

Miscellaneous Collage Poems

The Poet

Anna Westbrook

Anna Westbrook is a Sydney-based writer. Her debut, Dark Fires Shall Burn (Scribe; 2016), is a literary crime novel exploring the impact of an unsolved murder of a young girl in Newtown in 1946. She is a creative writing lecturer at New York University in Sydney and holds a PhD from the University of New South Wales. She has been shortlisted for The Australian/Vogel's Literary Award and received an Australian Society of Authors' Mentorship Award.