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All student poems

The School

Pennant Hills High offers Agriculture and sciences, as well as a strong Special Education department.  As a comprehensive co-ed school in greater Sydney, they represented the demographic diversity that the Red Room Education program is able to serve.

The Project

Pennant Hills High trialled Red Room Education in its pilot year with great success and enthusiastic students.

The Poet

Pam Brown

For over four decades Pam Brown has been active in all kinds of ventures in the multitudinous and continually shifting realm of Australian poetry and in other cultural scenes. Since 1971 she has published many books, chapbooks and an e-book and has been a contributing editor for several magazines and independent presses. She has always held a variety of day jobs but happily avoided a career in any one of them.

Pam Brown was born in Seymour, Victoria in 1948 and grew up on military bases in Queensland which possibly ‘explains something’.  With stints in various local and foreign cities, she has spent most of her adult life living and working in Sydney.  Pam Brown’s most recent book is Missing up (Vagabond Press, 2015). Alibis, a selection of her poems translated into French by Jane Zemiro, was published by Société Jamais-Jamais in 2014.

She is online at  and