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The School

Alexandria Park Community School is both a primary school for students in Kindergarten to year 6 and a high school for students in years 7 to 12. The middle school practices for years 5 – 7 is organised to ensure best educational and well-being support for children aged from 11 – 13 years with a focus on a supported transition for Year 7 to high school.

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The Project

Building upon their work at Alexandria Community School, Lorna Munro and Eric Avery will take their Aboriginal language project, Yala Gari (“speak the truth”) to their senior counterparts. Over the course of one day, Lorna and Eric will work with year 8 students to develop unique poetry that respond to their local surrounds using Aboriginal languages. 

The Poet

Eric Avery

Eric Avery is a Ngiyampaa, Yuin, Bandgalang and Gumbangirr artist. As part of his practice Eric plays the violin, dances and composes music.

Working with his family’s custodial songs he seeks to revive and continue on an age-old legacy—continuing the tradition of singing in his tribe—utilising his talents to combine and create an experience of his people’s culture.