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Media Release: Guwayu – For All Times

27th July 2020

July 27, 2020  

Once-sleeping languages waking up to poetry

20th November 2019

Ngunawal poet Nick Paton writes for Koori Mail following about Poetry in First Languages on Ngunawal Country in November 2019.

"The bells are sounding in a new era of custodial responsibility through a poetry program focused on Aboriginal languages, and their message of cultural obligation..." 
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Koori Mail

Read: Teaching language to kids through poetry

15th July 2019

Kirli Saunders is on a mission to celebrate, share and preserve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages with Australians. Her tool of choice – poetry.

NSW Department of Communications and the Arts

Read: Poetry in Action

28th June 2019

What do racing pigeons, truckies, botanists, inmates, maps and developers have in common?
Poetry, and more specifically, Red Room Poetry.

Fiona McIntosh's in-depth cover our work for Urban Village.

Urban Village

Listen: The Glasshouse – 29 May 2019

5th June 2019

Poet Kirli Saunders and writer Elena Savage join the show.


Watch: Poetry in First Languages workshop on Dharawal land

8th May 2019

Red Room Poetry’s Kirli Saunders led Poetry in First Languages on Dharawal land with First Nations poet Ethan Bell, musician Nicole Smede, artist Aunty Trish Levett and Language Custodian Jacob Morris. 40 First Nations students from local primary and high schools created poetry in language with thanks to Merrigong Theatre Co and Wollongong Art Gallery and all our generous supporters. 

Watch the video from WIN News Illawarra.

WIN News Illawarra

David Astle Cryptic Crossword (SMH 1 May 2019)

1st May 2019

This is a David Astle puzzle, cmissioned by Red Room Poetry as part of the sydney Writers Festival. DA Will perform his work tonight at Art After Hours at the AGNSW (1 May 2019).