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Paleep means tree 
Landback! the cockatoos screech 
Climbing, swinging
Special to me
Firewood, chainsaws
Development they preach
Paleep means tree 

Landback! the wallabies scream
More than a source of warmth for me
Original beings here 
Wardrobes, water ponds and snack cupboards 
Paleep have been 
Since colonisation 
Weatherboards, paper 
Refined, disposable 
Evolution they say 
The original beings still here 
Paleep means tree 

Landback! the orchids chant
Birthing hospitals, fishermen’s smokehouse and tiny homes 
More than planks could mean 
Since invasion twisted beings
Attempting to reshape 
Violent scenes, direction trees seen

Breatheback! the paleep leaves sway 
A living growing being 
Holding stories and messages 
As the original lead the way 

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  • Paleep