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Disappearing Act

I was going to be a role model.
A real model I thought,
So I changed into every colour for I’d give you a slice in every direction. You pick my latest
Posing towards you’re direction I felt like an imposter,
You know that syndrome. I don’t have it. But I felt it.
When I looked in the mirror I saw it was me under all the fake news, I rubbed off the summer and I
asked how do I recreate myself .
Disappearing act. Oh god not this again.
I don’t have the energy to put the money where the mouth is. I want to be real and raw and shake
em up a little. How do I speak to the youth and tell them drugs are bad and yeh high school is shit
but get by... there’s no magic script. I don’t have a high flying profile and I'm typically basic bitch
bipolar, Tropes included.
I want to disappear into my mirror.
I want to cut my hair like I don’t care, I pile on the make up
Bare all to see and act like a clown .
Pass the wipes, I'm the latest family news.... I’ve got to stop smudge sticking the house for its
fogging up that mirror and it won’t let you in.
It’s just what you see.
So let it be.
Cos I'm just me. ... all blue eyed.
Well it looks red to me.
Ill stare into the void of my double mirrors as
all I want to do is lay it all out for the world to see.

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