Dharawal workshop nov 2019

Gandi rises and embers fall like bana.
The ganbi lick the darundanj clean and eat away at the dry dead djarambunga
Ngia feel connected to the nguru and my bangawangaal
Smelling the Gandi in the guragama.

~ from 'Nguru and Bangawangaal' by Imogene, Madyson, Bella, Tyler, Richmond High School and Glenmore Park High School

Celebrating the International Year of Indigenous Languages


Dharawal workshops in November 2019

First Nations NASCA students in years 7­–11 from South West Sydney Schools worked with Dharawal-raised Ngunawal poet, Ethan Bell, Yuin woman, and Dharawal language researcher, Aunty Jodi Edwards, local Elders and Aboriginal Educators at The Australian Botanic Garden, and NASCA.
Rotating through a series of workshops, students explore bush medicine and tucker, traditional Indigenous games and creat poems/raps in Dharawal language. Poems from the project in language will be published in an arts collaboration with local Elders and Australian Botanic Garden Sydney in 2020.
On Dharawal land, Poetry in First Languages is supported The Australian Botanic Garden Sydney, and NASCA.

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