Ngunawal workshop 2019

Celebrating the International Year of Indigenous Languages

On November 11, First Nations students in Years 7–11 from Mt Stromlo High Sschool, Dickson College and Harrison School participated in Red Room Poetry's Ngunawal project at Birrigai Outdoor School, in partnership with Bundanon Trust. 

With guidance from Ngunawal poets, Nick Paton and Ethan Bell and Ngunawal Custodians, Tyronne Bell and Jai Bell, students created poetry in Ngunawal language and rotated through a series of workshops, exploring bush medicine and tucker, Ngunawal Dreaming, language, culture and country.

Developed by Gunai poet Kirli Saunders and delivered by Red Room Poetry, Poetry in First Languages celebrates, shares and preserves knowledge of First Nations languages and culture through poetry, music and art.


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Photo credit to Nick Paton

Poems and soundscapes

This poem, 'Strong Black Women Sing' was written by teacher, Elinor Archer and student, Dhani Gilbert from Dickson College during PIFL Ngunawal workshops in 2019. The poem features Ngunawal and Wiradjuri translations.

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