Important note: Our PIFL programs are taught on Country with Community. To keep our Elders, Custodians and future Elders safe, and to align with current requirements, we have postponed in-person workshops. We're moving instead, towards digital delivery and online professional development. We look forward to presenting in-person workshops with you again soon.


Poetry in First Languages (PIFL) South East deepens this connection by having students care for Country as they participate in broader community conservation projects in partnership with NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.
PIFL South East provides First Nations students from Yuin, Jerrinja and Gundungurra Countries the opportunity to learn about traditional and contemporary conservation practices. On Country days engage students with their local First Nations communities, allowing them to contribute to caring for the land by becoming involved in the Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby Conservation project, Glossies in The Mist or Coastal ICOLL management with Wallaga Lake Community projects. In addition to learning about conservation, First Nations students will participate in workshops on bush medicine, fire for land management, traditional dance, culture and language. 
Following days on Country, Elders and Custodians accompany local First Nations poets to support students to create poetry and art incorporating local language. Poems explore the land, threatened species and significance of Country to community. Poetry from these workshops will be published within community and beyond, in unusual and highly visible ways as well as performed to raise awareness of language and conservation programs.