“Some things are beyond talking.
                                                     Not the mind, not emotions,
                                             words will always come for them.
                                      Perhaps the mind lives in this barrier
                                             entirely of its own creating. You
                             see it the way it is, it looks back the same, -
                                    The fence, the lake, they’re just there.”
                                                              from A Dog Barking
                                                   Martin Harrison; Summer


A mentor once asked me if I could sense ghosts. Yes, I’ve 
been scared of the dark on many occasions where light and 
time can’t reflect rational measures. I am no older in the night 
now than when I was a child; ghosts pepper shadows unevenly.
You can only taste them as does my dark skin, they’re just there 
and why should I be so afraid? I am to become one, one day 
soon, and then bark into the silt and yearn again to taste my 
breath when it was young. Future nights of my pasts-being and 
dog-eared visions …


Copyright © 2015 by Samuel Wagan Watson

Sam Wagan Watson reads 'Old Ghost Dogs'