• Admissions: Voices Within Mental Health

    This groundbreaking collection documents the state of mental health in Australia
  • Guwayu – For All Times Anthology

    The Guwayu – For All Times anthology features 63 poems from 36 First Nations poets in 12 First Nations languages.
  • New Shoots Seed Packets

    Support the growing of poetic gardens with limited edition New Shoots seed packets featuring poems by Eileen Chong and Mark Tredinnick. A perfect gift for poetic plant-lovers.
  • Poems to Share II

    An interactive resource is designed to enliven poetic learning through language, literature and literacy.
  • Red Room Poetry KeepCup

    Enjoy a poem with every coffee and reduce your environmental impact with a Red Room KeepCup.
  • Writing Water Chapbook

    A bespoke collection of 24 poems, written by commissioned and public poets about their relationship with our earth's most precious resource, water.