• Baraya Barray - Whale Song

    Baraya Barray ~ Whale Song brings celebrates saltwater songlines of the East Coast through On Country immersive experiences, to learn about and respond to our original language holders - the Whales.

  • Contains Strong Language

    Contains Strong Language, the much-loved UK poetry and spoken word festival, is coming to Australia this August - presented by Red Room Poetry as part of Poetry Month 2024.

  • Poetry Month

    Poetry Month aims to increase the profile of Australian poetry and poets. Our goal is to increase access, awareness, value and visibility of poetry in all its forms and for all audiences.


    POEM FOREST is a free nature writing prize that breathes life back into the natural world that sustains us. Entries now open!

  • Poetry in First Languages

    Celebrating culture through poetry, music, dance and art, PIFL supports students to find strength in their cultural identities through language learning and connecting to Country, Culture and Community.

  • Author unknown

    Co-writing project drawing on a menu of constraints to create poetry in the spirit of experimental play, reciprocity and connection.

  • Red Room Fellowship

    The Fellowship is an annual residency program recognising the achievements and artistic goals of contemporary Australian poets. Applications for the 2024 Fellowship are now open.

  • A Line in the Sand Anthology

    Our first retrospective collection celebrating twenty years of Red Room Poetry

  • Woven

    New poetry anthology Woven weaves together First Nations voices from around the globe

  • Writing in Resistance

    Writing from a new generation of women with experiences of detention in Australia. Created, curated, edited and translated by human rights journalist and writer, Saba Vasefi.

  • Culture Mix

    We’ve teamed up with Wollongong City Council's new contemporary multicultural festival, Culture Mix, to celebrate Wollongong’s diverse community across art forms from around the world.

  • Emerging Poets Residency

    With support from the Adès Foundation, the Emerging Poets Residency encourages the creative trajectory of emerging Australian poets.

  • MAD Poetry

    We are full of worlds that can't be contained by a pill. MAD Poetry creates a safe writing space for emerging voices with a lived/living experience of mental health issues to express how they see the world.


    With support from the Australia Council Re-imagine: Sector Recovery Initiatives fund, we’ve been working with Elders and Custodians across Yuin Country to come together to heal Country and community through poetry and planting.

  • Fair Trade

    Fair Trade invites some of the world’s leading First Nations poets to weave words across lands and seas, gathering collaborative threads from Australia and across the globe.

  • Voices in the Cage

    Voices in the Cage shares the pain, hopes and sorrow of women in Afghanistan through poetry, published for International Women's Day (8 March 2022).

  • Admissions Anthology

    We've partnered with our MAD Poetry Coordinator, David Stavanger and Upswell Publishing to support the release of the forthcoming lived-experience mental health poetry anthology Admissions: Voices Within Mental Health.

  • Power through Poetry

    Children are invited to go deeper into the themes of Unsettled by reflecting on the poetry of First Nations artists and responding in their own words with the Australian Museum.

  • New Shoots: Wollongong Botanic Garden

    Five local poets have been commissioned to create new poems for Wollongong Botanic Garden's 50th anniversary.

  • Guwayu – For All Times

    Guwayu – For All Times is a fiercely uncensored collection featuring 63 poems from First Nations poets in 12 First Nations languages commissioned by Red Room Poetry.