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    POEM FOREST is a new nature poetry prize planting a tree for every poem received. Entries close Friday 17 September.

  • Poetry Month-hero banner-Red Room Poetry-Preview image for projects listing

    Poetry Month

    Poetry Month aims to increase the profile of Australian poetry and poets. Our goal is to increase access, awareness, value and visibility of poetry in all its forms and for all audiences.

  • MAD Poetry-Red Room Poetry-hero-1365 × 670.png

    MAD Poetry

    We are full of worlds that can't be contained by a pill. MAD Poetry creates a safe writing space for emerging voices with a lived/living experience of mental health issues to express how they see the world.

  • Fellowship-Red Room Poetry-hero-1365 × 670

    Red Room Poetry Fellowship

    The Fellowship is an annual residency program recognising the achievements and artistic goals of contemporary Australian poets.

  • Power through Poetry- red Room Poetry-Australian Museum-Abram Powell.png

    Power through Poetry

    Children are invited to go deeper into the themes of Unsettled by reflecting on the poetry of First Nations artists and responding in their own words with the Australian Museum.

  • Dakota Feirer-Wollongong Botanic Garden-Preview-1225x600.png

    New Shoots: Wollongong Botanic Garden

    Five local poets have been commissioned to create new poems for Wollongong Botanic Garden's 50th anniversary.

  • Writing in resistance-Red Room Poetry-Poets.png

    Writing in Resistance

    Writing from a new generation of women with experiences of detention in Australia. Created, curated, edited and translated by human rights journalist and writer, Saba Vasefi.

  • Guwayu-Red Room Poetry-hero-1365 × 670

    Guwayu – For All Times

    Guwayu – For All Times is a fiercely uncensored collection featuring 63 poems from First Nations poets in 12 First Nations languages commissioned by Red Room Poetry.

  • In Your Hands-Red Room Poetry-hero-1365 × 670

    In Your Hands

    Free e-anthology featuring 80 poems by poets whose recent, current or forthcoming release has been directly affected by the current closure of live events due to COVID19.

  • Writing Water-Chapbook on ferry-Amelia Theodorakis-Image-Red Room Poetry-Preview images 880 x 420.png

    Writing Water: Rain, River, Reef

    Writing Water: Rain, River, Reef project joins celebrated poets and public submissions to look below the surface and reimagine our essential relationships with water.

  • Sweatshop-Red Room Poetry-hero-1365 × 670

    A Sweatshop in a Red Room

    A Sweatshop in a Red Room is an ongoing collaboration with Sweatshop: Literacy Movement showcasing poetic voices beyond the margins of race and class.

  • Past and Present Pets-Studio A-Artwork-Red Room Poetry-New web banner 1365x670.png

    Past/Present Pets

    Past/Present Pets honours the life force of animals through a body of poetic and visual work that captures the spirit of companionship.

  • Poetry in First Languages-Gundungurra-2019-Red Room Poetry

    Poetry in First Languages

    Poetry in First Languages (PIFL) celebrates, shares and preserves knowledge of First Nations languages and culture through poetry, music and art.

  • Shadow catchers-Poets-Red Room Poetry-AGNSW

    Shadow catchers

    Adopting the mirror as a metaphoric device and the echo as a visual conceit, Shadow catchers offers a playful portrait of photographic doubling.

  • Panacea-add_your_poem-Red_Room_Poetry-still_4dJzeix.png

    Panacea: Collaborative Chain Poem

    Creating seven-word poems, Panacea branches out into the possibility of connectivity in a world increasingly at odds with itself.

  • Requiem-Janet_Lawrence-Sydney_Festival-Red_Room_Poetry_x9XbB7e.png


    Requiem is an artistic imagining by Janet Lawrence that aims to explore the potential of art forms to retrieve, reveal and hold memories; to inspire wonder, questioning and opportunities for reflection.

  • New Shoots Garden of poems-Red Room Poetry-Image

    New Shoots: A Garden of Poems

    Poems inspired by plants to deepen our creative and cultural connections with nature.

  • Poem Moments-Project listing image-Trams-Red Room Poetry.png

    Poetic Moments

    Poetic Moments elevates the visibility and accessibility of contemporary Australian poetry via cultural placemaking with publication of poems in unexpected spaces.

  • Punch_Lines.png

    Punch Lines: Poets Play Duchamp

    Red Room Poetry in partnership with Art Gallery of NSW present poetic provocations in response Marcel Duchamp for Sydney Writers' Festival.

  • Poetry_On_The_Block-Red_Room_Poetry_GcGPGD7.png

    Poetry on The Block

    Poetry on The Block brings poetry to the streets and celebrates creativity, self-expression, the buzz of community and the energy kindled within a cityscape.