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how ruffled you seem

you’ve taken all the poetry out of it, haven’t you?

i’m sorry

it may not make much sense to you

~ Sandra Selig with Vacant Dragon à la Subverted Lips

‘Collaborations lift the need to be great and reveal the need to be together.’ ~ Bob Rosenthal, Saints of Hysteria

Author unknown is a collaborative co-writing project whereby the lead scientist Vacant Dragon à la Subverted Lips (the editorial anagram of Pascalle Burton and David Stavanger) invited 50 practising artists across diverse mediums (poets / authors / musicians / artists) to co-create a 'poem' using a selection of poetic constraints (see full Menu of Constraints below), created in the spirit of experimental play, reciprocity and connection.

Slow-cooked over several years, the resulting body of work blurs the lines of authorship and explores the possibility of collaboration to both build and destroy.

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