Poetic Learning

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Let it unravel,
Let my shoes walk me back. Blue socks white -
Rain the in, umbrella the under.
Let it unravel, shatter and crumble. There is a beating.

~ Scout, Year 11, Shortlisted for Poetry Object 2020

Red Room Poetic Learning inspires students and teachers to create, perform and publish poetry in meaningful ways.

We enliven experiences with poetry through workshops and curriculum-aligned resources that awaken imaginations and support creative opportunities.

Our 2021 learning focus is the POEM FOREST nature poetry prize, planting a tree for every poem received. Subscribe to our e-news for updates or get in touch via education@redroompoetry.org for booking enquiries.

Current Learning Projects

  • Poem Forest-Image-Red Room Poetry


    POEM FOREST is a new nature poetry prize planting a tree for every poem received.
  • Poetry in First Languages-Gundungurra-2019-Red Room Poetry

    Poetry in First Languages

    Poetry in First Languages (PIFL) celebrates, shares and preserves knowledge of First Nations languages and culture through poetry, music and art.
  • Youth Unlocked-600x280-preview.jpg

    Youth Unlocked

    Youth Unlocked collaborates with students, teachers and educational communities to deepen encounters with poetry.

Poetic Learning Resources

"It made me appreciate what a powerful tool poetry was... there was so much opening up, respect, and sharing, from the most unlikely group of poets!"

~ Sarah Johnston, Mt Carmel High School

"It was an exhilarating experience that led me and my students into the inspiring world of poetry, skilfully teaching us the craft of engaging poetry in a fun, educational way. It has provided a platform to share and celebrate the students' writing with the world outside our school. All their efforts were applauded by a wider audience. The teaching resources were engaging and linked well to the curriculum."

~ Teacher, Poetry Object 2020

“I never thought I would write such an amazing poem, I didn’t think I was very good at it. So now I’m jumping with joy and excitement. My writing is enriched with words that move the senses and make people feel my thoughts. This poetry object writing experience has inspired me to write more stories and poems of all sorts and to keep getting better every day.”

~ Levi, Year 5, Highly Commended Poetry Object 2020