I see the people go through the pain 
I see the people become strong again 
I see the country always the same
~ Joel Deaves from 'Banggang Cūndū (Old Tree)'

Poetry to heal, reveal and clarify thoughts, ideas and feelings.

Unsettled was a powerful exhibition presented by the Australian Museum where First Nations voices reveal the untold history of the foundation of this country and themes of invasion, resistance, survival, identity, and healing.

Power through Poetry

Developed in partnership with the Australian Museum, the Power through Poetry digital activity book helps young people deepen their engagement with the exhibition online.
Recommended for kids aged 8+.

As you look, listen, and reflect, be inspired by the poems of First Nations artists and poets Lyndsay Urquhart, Kirli Saunders, Joel Davison, Joel Deaves and Ellen van Neerven (Fellow 2021) that respond to the themes in Unsettled, then use the prompts and activities to create your own poems.

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