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    Poetry Month

    Poetry Month aims to increase the profile of Australian poetry and poets. Our goal is to increase access, awareness, value and visibility of poetry in all its forms and for all audiences.
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    Baraya Barray - Whale Song

    Baraya Barray ~ Whale Song brings celebrates saltwater songlines of the East Coast through On Country immersive experiences, to learn about and respond to our original language holders - the Whales.
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    POEM FOREST is a free nature writing prize that breathes life back into the natural world that sustains us. Entries now open!

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  • Budj Bim (Mount Eccles)
    By Didirri

    What a strange misunderstanding: to view the forest as separate 
    from anything else we hold dear.
    The forest is not someplace to visit, 
    nor is it a museum piece to be preserved. 

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  • New Beginnings
    By Lauren Chapman Carpenter

    “On a long path I wonder”
    look at the country and think Strong mother 
    and soon return to my cave
    then sit think and remember

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  • Berrara
    By Gary Watling

    Poetry comes in many forms. It is found in a beautiful sunset, in the melodies sung by whales, in feet stomping Country in dance, in the colours and patterns across a canvas and in the relationships with have with eachother and Country.
    'Berrara' is a musical poem inspired by and written for Baraya Barray - Whale Song by Gary Watling - a pr…

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