Key Documents

Key Documents

Reconciliation Action Plan

  • Reconciliation Action Plan 2018
    First Nations songs, stories and languages have echoed across this land for millennia. Recognising the importance of this continued culture, Red Room Poetry aims to celebrate and nurture opportunities for First Nations voices, expression and language-learning through community-led poetic arts projects. We recognise the path to reconciliation can only be achieved with collective effort, and acknowledge the work and vision of others in this shared journey.

Privacy Policy

  • Privacy Policy
    Red Room Poetry understands the importance of, and is committed to, protecting the privacy of personal information for service users and all stakeholders, as detailed in our Privacy Policy.


  • Advocacy
    Red Room Poetry advocates for poets by paying professional rates (Australian Society of Authors), ensuring quality creation and a sustainable future for Australian literature and poetry. Red Room Poetry also advocates for positive cultural and social impact through its projects, programs and commissions.
  • Access and equity
    Red Room Poetry promotes fair and equal access for all and takes positive steps to identify, overcome, eliminate and prevent discrimination. We believe in all ability access, equity, clear communication and responsiveness.
    Discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment are unlawful and not permitted at RR.
  • Child safety
    Red Room Poetry is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all children. Our staff, volunteers and contractors are required to hold a verified WWCC and are informed of their obligations under child protection legislation.
  • Copyright
    All Red Room Poetry poets and authors retain copyright of their work. Subsequent reproduction (by the poet or author) elsewhere should acknowledge RR as the source of the commission and creation of the works. Any subsequent reproduction by RR as publisher, will be subject to the guidelines for fair use of material for educational purposes, as set out by the Copyright Agency.
  • Cultural Commitment
    We are committed to supporting First Nations Elders, Custodians, and culturally-diverse groups, communities, team members, poets and artists, as core to our work.
  • Environmental sustainability
    Red Room Poetry works to preserve the environmental sustainability of the planet. We do this in our own practice, as a participant in a community of practice, and as a participant in the Australian social discourse and through our environmental programs and projects.
  • Safer spaces
    Red Room Poetry believes poetry can produce moments of great power and great vulnerability. All staff, volunteers and contractors practice empathy, kindness and active consent and adhere to privacy principals (APP).

For more detail on any of these statements, contact us.