Ngabay midyungngunbuni ngaliya
Together, you and I, we will heal
~ Joel Davison from 'The Wounded Brave' for Poetry in First Languages


  • 20+ Years experience
  • 88+ Projects
  • 1,416+ Poets commissioned
  • 32,356+ Poems created and published
  • 221,593+ Students engaged

Who We Are

Red Room Poetry (RR) is Australia's leading organisation for commissioning, creating, publishing and promoting poetry in meaningful ways. RR has a reputation for excellence and invention, delivering projects that are unparalleled in their quality, scale, professional payment of poets, cultural impact, amplification and engagement of poets, students and audiences of all ages.

Reflecting the diversity of Australian voices, RR commissions and publishes poetry of all styles and stages (page/ performance/ spoken word/ experimental/ digital/ musical/ visual). We develop creative and critical contexts where poetry is explored across languages, landscapes and mediums in and beyond literary communities to make Australian poetry and creative expression widely accessible.

RR is a fund listed on the Register of Cultural Organisations (as The Red Room Company Public Fund) and a not-for-profit organisation with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status.

We give heartfelt thanks to our Supporters and Partners who help make poetry meaningful, strengthen communities and nurture new voices.


Red Room Poetry's vision is to make poetry in meaningful ways. 


Our poetic projects are created in collaboration with a spectrum of poets, communities and partners for positive impact in core areas of environment, amplification, First Nations, youth and marginalised voices. We aim to make poetry highly visible, vibrant, relevant and accessible, especially to those who face the greatest barriers to creative opportunities.


Care, quality, imagination, invention, integrity and collaboration underpin our work. We are committed to supporting First Nations Elders, Custodians, and culturally-diverse groups and communities.


Red Room Poetry advocates for professional payment of poets ensuring sustainability, quality creation and the future of Australian literature.