David Malouf is the distinguished author of ten novels, six volumes of poetry and winner of many awards including The Commonwealth Writers' Prize and IMPAC award. His most recent work Ransom was shortlisted in the fiction category in The Age Book of the Year Award for 2009. He also writes poetry, drama and libretti for operas. 

A handwritten version of David's poem The Bicycle is featured in The Red Room Company's Fingerprints project. David also appears in all six episodes of The Wordshed. 


1970: Bicycle and Other Poems   University of Queensland Press (Australia)

1974: Neighbours in a Thicket: Poems   University of Queensland Press (Australia)

1975: Johnno   University of Queensland Press (Australia)

1976: Poems 1975-76  (limited edition)   Prism (Australia)

1978: An Imaginary Life   Chatto & Windus

1980: First Things Last   Chatto & Windus

1980: Wild Lemons: Poems   Angus & Robertson

1982: Child's Play with Eustace & The Prowler   Chatto & Windus

1982: Fly Away Peter   Chatto & Windus

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1985: Harland's Half Acre   Chatto & Windus

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2000: Dream Stuff   Chatto & Windus

2006: Every Move You Make   Chatto & Windus

2007: The Complete Stories   Pantheon Books

2008: On Experience   Melbourne U. P. (Australia)

2008: Revolving Days: Selected Poems   University of Queensland Press (Australia)

2009: Ransom   Random House Australia