Frozen chords of captured sound,
Tweets, hums, chirping bound,
Singing: hushed, closed, insanely loud,
A sound so pure, so cracked, so round,

~ from 'The Longings of a Timeworn Guitar' by Gabrielle, Year 9, Poetry Object 2018 

Delve into poetic devices with this free series of Poetry Object-inspired animations and curriculum-aligned resources that introduce alliteration, imagery, metaphor, onomatopoeia, personification and simile.

Designed for Years 3-6, resources can be used to plan an individual English lesson or a unit of work. Animations and activities can be utilised in the order presented or adapted for specific a teaching plan and class. 

Produced by Red Room Poetry in collaboration with ClickView. 



Using the poem 'Wise Wahoo' by poet and teacher, Jon Faulkner, explore how alliteration, onomatopoeia and rhythm give momentum to poetry and enrich the tone of the poem when read aloud.



Identify the effect of imagery in texts, particularly imagery related to nature found in haiku poems and in 'My Tree' by Year 6 student poet, Jack.



Discuss how figurative language including simile and metaphor can make use of a comparison between different things, using 'Adrift in Space' by Year 7 student poet, Saniru.



Explore how rhythm, onomatopoeia and alliteration give momentum to poetry and enhance mood in 'Longings of a Timeworn Guitar' by Year 9 student poet, Gabrielle.



Using the poem 'Moon' by Year 8 student poet, Izzy, explore how human qualities can be attributed to non-human things, such as feelings or ideas. 



Watch 'My Golden Butterfly' by Year 6 student poet Bella to examine how figurative language, including simile and metaphor, can compare different things to offer new ways of looking at the world. 

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These student poems were created as part of Red Room Poetry Object competition over the years. The 2020 competition is open for submissions until Friday 22 May, 5:00pm

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