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I love the black colour

By Kianoush (Year 1, Abbotsford Public School)

I love the black colour Because that Reminds me the most Innocent thing tears Sympathies gathers The saddest songs The most peaceful, absolute and endless dreams And reminds me of ...


My Epic Toy Monster Truck

By Jack (Year 2, Abbotsford Public School)

I come from a different planet. I feel warm but cold, smooth and awesome like a race track. I taste like rotten egg shell. I have lots of scratches. I ...


A poem about wax

By James (Year 2, Abbotsford Public School)

Weird tasting A candle X (as in not) delicious


My epic truck

By Kit (Year 2, Abbotsford Public School)

I was owned by the Prime Minister. I came from Fiji. I sound like a hurricane on a volcano. I feel like damaged steel. I win lots of races. I ...


The Nike Soccer Ball

By Mel (Year 2, Abbotsford Public School)

I woke up from dreaming of a Nike soccer ball. I opened the door and there it was! It whispered to me… “I am from Argentina. I was once owned ...


Shimmering Blue

By Zach (Year 2, Abbotsford Public School)

One sunny day I came out to play I saw something mystical But it was crystal Its reflection was blue And its shimmer was too It shone brighter than the ...


My Luck

By Alexandra (Year 3, Abbotsford Public School)

It's soft as silk cool as ice an alien dog's collar a harness for thieves a happy thought a bit of luck it's mine, my bracelet.


My cute white blanket

By Kaari (Year 3, Abbotsford Public School)

A white blanket to cuddle at night for your love to have in your cosy bed when you go to sleep in your love content - it whispers a little ...


The Lost Ring

By Marium (Year 3, Abbotsford Public School)

Long, long ago, when I was little, A pretty little ring I loved to fiddle. The poor thing lost and lonely, It was the one and only. Bye, bye little ...


My Cat Gift

By Phoebe (Year 3, Abbotsford Public School)

A crazy card belongs to me, Just keep reading and you will see. I got a French book and gave it away, I felt good instantly from that day. A ...


The Doll

By Zoe (Year 3, Abbotsford Public School)

Her dangling hair Like a golden pear. A face so bright It can shine through the night. Better than gold But will never be sold. It’s so special to me ...


My trophy

By Alex (Year 4, Abbotsford Public School)

How I got my trophy Boom! Lionel Messi and Mesut Ozil appeared to give it to me. Lionel Messi handed it to me. It was made by Mesut Ozil. It's ...



By Caitlin (Year 4, Abbotsford Public School)

Flying in the sky, flying high, flying low Lands on your shoulder and says 'hello' More come to me But I just can't find my matching bird. I search high ...


My ruby

By Estelle (Year 4, Abbotsford Public School)

She whispers a rose She is the most beautiful thing She is my ruby


My Ocean

By Evie (Year 4, Abbotsford Public School)

Sitting on the sand A wave surrounds my hand I walk into the water I sink beneath the sea Far away from my family As a wave crashes over me ...


What am I?

By Janos (Year 4, Abbotsford Public School)

I remember puzzles and colours Cube 3D shape Red, blue, yellow, orange, white and green I'm happy because it's colourful It's in the shape of a Minecraft Cow My Rubix ...


Prize possession

By Lydia (Year 4, Abbotsford Public School)

A swing on bars A golden beam For that I earned A small owl figurine



By Ruby (Year 4, Abbotsford Public School)

Glitter purple, aqua, red, pinky sunset, watery bed Earthy purple forest floor, sunrise from the very core Magic river, sunrise, night - mixed together, what a lovely sight! Sparkly sunset, ...