20 Years of Red Room Poetry

Red Room Poetry news

Our 20th Birthday year is drawing to a close, and what a year it’s been! Full of poetic moments and milestones shared with our whole community.

From highlighting the powerful voices of Iranian refugee women, to planting more than 6,000 trees as part of the POEM FOREST prize and publishing our A Line in the Sand anthology, we're reflecting on the bright moments of Red Room Poetry's 20th year.


Our digital library continues to blossom. With your support we have added over 6,500 new Australian poems by established, emerging and student poets. Why not dip into our collection over summer?


The POEM FOREST has thrived, with more than 6,000 poems entered in our nature poetry competition, 6,000 trees planted, and over 11,000 students attending our digital workshops.

Poetry in First Languages will expand in 2024 with Baraya Barray - Whale Song, which will see Indigenous Elders and young people from coastal communities honouring humpback whales in poetry and song. Watch the video from the pilot of Baraya Barray


Poetry Month goes from strength to strength, with live events and workshops presented in every state and territory this year, and digital streams opening access to people around Australia and the world. Revisit performances, or enjoy the collection of poems created for 30in30

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We published our 20th Anniversary anthology, A Line in the Sand, collecting 80 works spanning 20 years of contemporary Australian poetry.


We continued to provide workshops, events and publication for those whose voices are often marginalised, through MAD Poetry and Writing in Resistance.