Congratulations to the winners of #gadigalpoetry


In celebration of NAIDOC Week (8-15 July), this Darling Harbour-based project draws on First Nations languages to engage community, start conversation and link visitors to First Nations Country, language and culture. Poetry inspired by the 2018 NAIDOC theme, 'Because of Her We Can', will give audiences pause for reflection and inspire them to create their own poetry and learnings around First Nations languages.

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To celebrate, Red Room Poetry held a Twitter poetry competition. Created with community consultation, this competition was about community interactivity, encouraging people to mindfully engage with Gadigal language, poetry and art.

We were unable to reach consensus and decided to select two winners, splitting the prize in two.


Congratulations to Anna Forsyth and Dennis Garvey



by Anna Forsyth

He was, Darling
that garrigarrang, deep water (echo)
he was, swagger / Harbour all of it, right down
to his coffee-cornered mouth
his salted sheen, my lip
bumping his
first kiss, he ferried me



by Dennis Garvey

Stop Awhile
putuwa warm your
hands by the fire and
gently squeeze my fingers
nanjami? no this is not
a dream in dreams you
don’t always wollama
aways come back