Kirli Saunders wins in Western Australian Premier's Book Awards


Sharing the exciting news from within our community from the Western Australian Premier's Book Awards 2019.

Our very own Poetic Learning manager and magic-making writer Kirli Saunders has been named the winner at the Western Australian Premier's Book Awards at the weekend.

Kirli received the esteemed Daisy Utemorrah Award for Unpublished Indigenous Junior and YA Writing for her moving story-in-verse for children title, Mother SpeaksMother Speaks is a lovely, lyrical exploration of the wisdom of the earth. The gentle rhythm of the verse speaks to the patterns and cycles of the nature, and every line holds deep meaning that can be revisited many times over – this a story that will delight adults and children alike.

We are exceedingly proud of all that she has accomplished, in her writing and her work. 

Bringing home more wonderful news from the Western Australian Premier's Book Awards, we are proud to share the news that Red Room Poetry poet, Renee Pettitt-Schipp​, has won the Emerging Writer Shortlist prize for her poetry collection, The Sky Runs Right Through Us. 

In this evocative, memorable collection of poems, Pettitt-Schipp writes of experiences that are both personal and political. Formally diverse, tough-minded but always accessible, the poetry addresses issues ranging from Australia’s contemporary treatment of asylum seekers to the poet’s coming to terms with her father’s decline and death.

Read more about the awards.

Photo: courtesy of State Library of WA Facebook page. See more photos.