Poetry in First Languages on Gumea Dharawal


In August 2019, First Nations students in Years 3-11 from Nowra High School and Nowra East Public School came together at Bundanon Trust for Poetry in First Languages workshops in Gumea Dharawal language.

Along with Gumea Dharawa language Custodians, Jacob Morris and Adrian Webster, and Gumea Dharawal based, Woremi poet and Musician, Nicole Smede, students worked to create poetry and songs in language to celebrate the earth. Students were guided on a journey of new poetry creation, scaffolded by Gumea Dharawal language learning. 

The workshops were also supported by Dharawal-based Ngunawal poet, Ethan Bell and Jerrinja poet, Kaitlin Wellington.

In 2019, we are presenting PIFL workshops in language on Gundungurra, Dharawal, Arrernte, Bundjalung, Gumea Dharawal, Dharawal, Ngunawal and Gadigal Countries, connecting with students and educators, poets and Language Custodians.

See photos from Gumea Dharawal workshops. 


Songs and soundscapes from the workshops

Listen to Allan Giddy's recording of the music and poems created by Jacob Morris, Adrian Webster, Ethan Bell and local students during the PIFL Gumea Dharawal workshops at Bundanon Trust.


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