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The Wounded Brave

~ poem written partially in Gadigal, with interpretations by Joel


Bayawurradyangun, djirrundyangun
We are all wounded, we all fear
Ngabay midyungngunbuni ngaliya
Together, you and I, we will heal
Narangla ngaramila, ganunigang bayawurra ngalawabuni
Be humble and listen, old wounds be still
munurudyawawingun ngaliya
We have forgotten our friends
giyara duwabilidya
their names hidden from us
manawariwawingunla gurra wugulgu
let us find them once more
Buraga! Baya, buruga!
Rise! Voices and hands!
Yanma baru, yanma bulbuwul
Move fast and move strong
naminmamila nugbady, dunga ngyinigai migal
Show your love and shed your tears
Yilabara, badjamibuni, midyungmibuni
Today, do not harm, but mend
Bayawurradyangun, djirrundyangun
We are all wounded, we all fear
Dyarrbabangunbuni ngimagay
We will never grow weary or let our fire burn out
Burawangunla, naminmawawingun dara
Let’s move upward and show our teeth
Yanangunla, barayangunla mari bula
Let’s move together and sing out loud
Naawala, mimugurubuni, yanagn un, ngyinarigai gana manuwi
Look, do not close your eyes, we walk together, with feet on fire

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