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Ngany Gwabalitj Boodja (My Beautiful Land)

~ This interpretation is a part of Lola’s journey of learning


Ngany gwabalitj boodja
Ngany djinang baal meeyal djinang-ak
Windjool gwabalitj-ap
Djet-ak, marlak, boorn-ak
Bandang winin nyiny-boorong
Barna, Minga baalabiny-djil
Wort-koorl-al kooraa, nidja, booraawan idjiny.
Kooraa nyiny boodja yidjow noyitj.
Ngany meeyal minditj-boort  djinang
Mandjoo wer dakaniny
Naatj yoowart maaloop, baalap wara
Yenkalang noyitj winin
Noyitj, walang-boort
Nidja korambar yenkalang
Ngany koordak boodja gwabalitj

My beautiful land
I open my eyes but do not see
The beauty all around me,
Of the flowers, shrubs and trees
And all life, living there,
Nature as it was meant to be,
Fading with time and prosperity,
From living lands to dead concrete
My eyes are blurred with hazy smog
Tears flowing with destruction and extinction
What is so wrong? It’s foreign
Society so bent on,
extinguishing, suffocating, killing
This ever-changing place
My beloved land of beauty

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