Abraham ‘Abe’ Nouk is the founder and director at Creative Rebellion Youth. He is a spoken-word poet, hip-hop fanatic, MC and an author whose craft developed from a realisation of the freedom of speech. Sudanese-born Abe was illiterate when he and his family arrived in Australia in 2004, as UN High Commission designated refugees. Since realising his illiteracy, he began reading and writing to improve his lyrical content for hip-hop music when it became apparent to him that ‘the best thing you can do for yourself is to feed your mind.’ Abe went on to become third in the Australian National Poetry Slam and self-published HUMBLE, his first collection in 2013.


Abe Nouk reads 'Maya Angelou'

5. The Eyes of Those That Came Before - Rhyming The Dead - Abe Nouk & Celestine Rowe