Zonk the over-zealous zeal of your zany zoomorphic zoom
You’re yanked in Yonkers, YES!
You get the yolk for yakking down a Fat Yak while
yodelling a yummy yellow YALP and yelling  
Yada yada yada.
Xylophones x-ray and revolt against the powers who believe they be —
With a wrought-up and wrong-headed wriggle, a wrathful worried worn.
Waxy rigidity has you whirlingly worked-up, wooden-headed with wondrous wit,
which you withered into witless woe.
Who’s wary now, Witchypoo?
Wired, windy and wild with Warrior programming,
wigged out, whimsy and whacky wet!
Whisper your witzelsucht slapstick, non sequitur humour and wahneinfall wishes to a
Wendigo psychosis cannibal on skid row with walking corpse syndrome.
Want a well-built, well-lit wiretapped whacko who’s weirded-out, weary, weak-minded and wayward?
Who’s way-out wasteful, weaponised and warped with word salad and Wellbutrin wafers that
wane and whisper to the whacko you are!
Voracious villains whose visions can be villainous and violent, and your vicious vile vibrates when very upset / very stupid / very lucid or
very mad / bad and sad.
Varicoloured vapours vanish into voyeuristic vain and vague vacuous vacancy,
V2K: voice to skull technology.
Useless urgency makes you uptight, upside down, upset, upchucking upscale uproars upbeat, unzipped, and you’re unthinkably untamed, unstrung and unsymmetrical.
Unspeakable things when unstrung, unsteady, unstable, unsound and unscrewed.
Unrestrained makes you unreasonable, unreal and unpredictable...
Unhinged and ungovernable when you’ve come undone.
Unleashing uncontrollable rifts of rage in Ursula’s cave —
Usurping everyone!
Troubled mind is two-toned, two-fisted and twists Tourette’s into turbulent tardive dyskinesia and targeted individual’s synthetic telepathic torture at
tribunal hearings to toke on trippy trivial tobacco addiction.
Traumatisation in vitro and counter transference
TREATMENT RESISTANT tortuous thunder!
Smiling surprisingly supernatural, superbly superhuman, suspicious when surreal, like suicidal strung-out strangers who suck the spirit out of spazzed-up spendthrifts, solicitous slant-wise splitting sociopaths, sinister sicko’s and shameless, seething senile, screwball schmucks who scrimp scandalous through this scamdemic, and spit savage with satanic ritual abuse panic!
Rage is raucous risk and runs ravage ‘round the twist,
rowdy and roughened, riotous and rattle-brained on a rapid eye movement
rambling radical rampage!
Quease is questionable, quixotic and quirky with quantish
Puzzles of paranoid psychosis pumped puerile, predictive programming PSYOP projects provoking preposterous personality disordered pranks in poverty places of potty-mouthed possession of pockmark, poppycock perfectionist piles of pigshit phobic poison, pulsed with psionic inundation.
Plague plandemic and phrenetic phantoms in a psychogenic fugue of pyromaniac perversion with pea-brained police state, panic-strickened persnickety
Princess programmed Miss Piggy’s!
PSYOP, PSYOP, with your pokey Project Paperclip prick: and I said hey, hey, Saint
Peter, even your pointy phalanges look like the portal for
PSYOP propaganda!
Over-worked into outlandish oppositional defiant, off-kilter Oedipal drama, obsessive compulsive Othello jealousy obliteration... Orchestrated Orwellian Order Ab Chao.
Oppresive Order out of Chao!
Nuisance nut-jobs with not the full shilling upstairs, not okay, not all there narcoleptic nightmares of  non-symmetric neuro-linguistic programming nonsense.
NON COMPIS MENTIS newfangledness.
Nauseatingly naïve and mysterious! Naïve on Neptune with the New World Order, naked with
NASA (Never A Straight Answer).
Machiavellian multi-coloured mutton-headed mutations of motley moon-struck misfits,
Molotov cocktails mind-bogglingly messed up from the Mandela effect,
mentally deranged medleys of maniacal maladjusted,
MK-ULTRA and Monarch butterfly mind control with
MI5 lookin’ mean on the MI6!
Mad-As-Hatter maniacs!
Keyed up kleptomaniacs stuck in a K-hole, keen on kaleidoscopic kuru and Korsakoff’s syndrome to
KO the knight’s move thinking, kangaroo court knuckleheaded killuminati
Jung’s catalytic exteriorisation phenomenon jumps
Jackass jerky jackhammer juveniles
Irritated and irrational whilst intoxicated and irate —
insanely inhumane and inflamed.
Illusion des sosies — I think your pet Iguana is an imposter!
Inexplicably inconsiderate whilst incoherent —
idiosyncratic, impulsive and in-a-fit.
Hysterical hypochondria, huffy and high-strung, hot headed and held-up. Hyde your Jekyll.
Hanging horrendously hospitalised — head over heels halting harebrained hallucinations…
Haste, you better run away then, and
Hyde your Jekyll!
Gung-ho and grotesque, grandiose and goosey, gang stalking Gestalt therapy
gonna go crazy, gone doolally, garish gander.
Grimoires and Goetia girls, grooming garbage in the Gulag
Fuming fuddled fury, fried-feeding frenzy,
frunk as duck and frantically foaming at the mouth,
fool hardily AND
frothing at the bit.
Four out of five voices in your head say go for it!
Flip your bush, flip your lid and wig, flip the fiendish fast times of
Excessive esoteric erotomaniac extremists, enraged and enraptured
Electra complex enthusiasts,
ECT candidates eliciting the embittered eccentric dunderhead who’s
Dunce-like and dumpish, dull-witted Dhat syndrome dementia
dereistic thinking derailment déjà pensé
drooling dreadful dubious déjà vu drivel like me and my dehumanised
double-talk droogs who are dopey and doomed, dizzy, ditsy and
DISS MY PSYCHIATRIC DISABILITY like distorted, disgruntled ding-a-lings with
demonic delirium (tremendous tremens) and
debase dark triad traits with DSM-6 depressive dual diagnosis on a DSP, dissociated abilities with dark force entities!
Creeping on criminal crusades, cross-patched corrupt corkscrew coo-coos with
contorted clairvoyant convulsions,
controlling the weather by
CERN which/who/witch is a
Creating clouds of clairsentient consciousness and circumstantial speech with confabulated
clang associations that cut covert
Cheka counterintelligence into Claparede’s paradox and disappear into Cotard delusions on
Community Treatment Orders!
Certifiable candidates for cray-cray covert narcissistic rage in
Bedlam’s buffoonish broke-house for the brain sick, blindly boisterous bone heads, god blimey bizarro to the big-ticketed bemused bats in the
Beg your pardon about my Bipolar Bear who is backed by the
Burdekin Report, the
Burdekin Report!
Benevolently breaking barriers, barking brave and brazen,
bombastic breakthroughs with balls and backbone!
Applaud avant-garde acrimonious auto-maniacs, as keen as mustard and ardently aroused
alcohol use disordered Type A absurdists,
anarchistic altered
ADDICTS with akataphasia.
Alphabet agencies like ASIO anterograde amnesia and auditory agnosia with
acquired aphasia and
astasia-abasia of the
Alise in Wonderland experience fantasia!