Eyes feeling heavy, still there’s no reprieve

As every K draws me closer to my goal.

Thinking of my family, I start to grieve:

This mistress of night has taken my soul.


Bull lights shine, piercing the dark abyss,

Illuminated eyes glint in fear;

How many, I wonder become a near miss—

Dart into the scrub then disappear?


ZZ Top blast their tune to no avail,

My head’s ever cloudy on this chilly night.

Fresh cool air I deeply inhale,

Hoping back home, everything’s right.


My wife once again is sleeping alone,

I know she wishes I’d give it away;

Fearing the worst from the ringing phone,

Strength and bravery must be displayed.


White flash startles me from a trance—

Was this owl an omen, a greater spirit’s will?

Through the darkness I continue my advance,

Remembering, micro-sleeps kill.


Mirrors reflect an untraceable past,

Clearance lights snake into the distance;

Windscreen shows the future so vast,

This old rig shows no resistance.


Now at a truck stop, far from family and home,

Glad my night mistress for the moment has gone.

Why do I do this? The answer remains unknown;

I’ll keep driving, I’ll continue on.