De Arco
summer of content
radiating through
Passage of time
music terms
moving through
mists papilla reborn
into a new skin torn
out of pages forlorn
the music of our ancestors in lines
drawings recordings
songs need physical reality
to papilla wakanha
moving through mists
deciphering reality
through a different sense
the mists of the past come back to cleanse
to heal to mend
to sing to cause to dance
dances of listening
listening to truth
through our songs and stories
the land is our proof
of our resilience
in our songs we cry
out to the sky
the land reflected in our eyes
Passage of time
Passage of Blood
hears and echoes throughout the bay
can you live when faced by death
beat of the heart created from
heat in our lungs
like the time in our sleep
when we dream of azure days
out of pain and deceit
violins sound like drums in this cosmopolitan piece composed out of here
Passage of time.