Wandering blindly, searching for that which cannot be found. The futile quest for divinity long 

abandoned, replaced by instantaneous stimulations. A shrink-wrapped soul and 
fast food emotions, saturated in self, love now a thing of the movies. Sexual 
convenience and financial surplus- revenge, how sweet it is. Cardboard mothers 
suckle hybrid children at poisonous breasts, while unborn fathers rape and 
abuse. Rob from the rich and keep for yourself, ooh- what a rush! Massacre 
your way to the top with a frozen soul, you've reached Hell, how can I help 
you? Two for the price of nine, ha ha ha, we trust that you'll make us fat. 
Seeing the world through sex-coloured glasses, whose is the tastiest meat? 
Religion? Ha! Freedom? Never! Bow before the Almighty Dollar! 'Where's the 
love?,' I see you think. Being ravaged by Officials, that's where. If you 
can't take the heat, go back to the womb, and pray that your mother mis-carries. 
There's no room here for second thoughts, submit yourself to the will of the 
Salesman. Death is knocking, but you can't hear him- the television's up too 
loud. Car-crash relationships, who really cares? Like stealing blood from 
a baby. Conform! Accept! There's nothing you can do! Offenders will be playfully 
executed. Lick your wounds until you vomit, grey upon black upon grey. Is 
this thing on? Get that grin off your face! Don't make me use this... so, 
where's your god now? Turn off the lights- you're grotesque! Welcome to Our 
World, population: three billion. We know you'll regret your stay.


Gerard Elson 'sagacious ramblings' & 'a philosophic analysis of the modern homosapien in its less than natural environment'