'In 2022, Australians are believed to have lost over $7 million through the now-notorious ‘Hi Mum’ text scam, which dupes victims into sending money to cybercriminals posing as their children.' (SBS News)


“Hi Mum, it’s me,

Your child

Who you gave birth to

All those years ago.

I’m texting you from a friend’s phone.

I’ve smashed my phone

And my friend’s phone is about to die.

But what will never die is

Your love and care for me,

Your genuine offspring.

Can you Whatsapp my new number?

It will be great to continue our relationship

As mother and child.”


“Hi Dad, it’s me.

I’m stuck at the petrol station

And have the wrong debit card.

I urgently need $145

Sent to my other account:



I will pay you back

When I get home.

Where we live together.

And have done so for many years.


Although not always.

I mean, it’s about light and shade,

Isn’t it?”


“Hi Mum, it’s me.

I notice you never wrote back

When I reached out to you

On my friend’s phone which was about to die.

Luckily she found a phone charger!

So you can message me any time.

I’ll be here.

I mean, of course I’ll always be here for you.

I’m a good kid!

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!”


“Hi Dad, it’s me.

I’m still stuck at the petrol station.

And a memory came back to me!

Do you remember when you taught me to drive

How we pulled up together

At this petrol station

Where I am definitely now texting you from,

And how you cracked a joke,

That joke that is only funny within our family,

Of which I am part of,

And how we roared with laughter!

And you ruffled my hair.

That was something

I will never forget.

Unlike something I have forgotten today:

The correct debit card.

You see, I urgently need $145.

Can you please help me

Get back home

To you?”