Goodbye Mama, you made me what I am
Impeccable, light-fingered little Marnie/Margaret/Peggy
You can keep the mink I stole for you
I'm young and if I go now I won't have to lose my mind
That ship at the end of the street is my ticket out and I mean to take it
I'll wake up in Buenos Aires, my yellow handbag bobbing through the crowd
I'll find Mildred at the perfume counter of a grand magasin
She'll show me the ropes and there'll be nothing untoward (I'm no Veda)
We'll work side by side and put everything into the business
A mother and daughter salon in a swanky part of town
She'll do front of house, I'll keep the books
We'll laugh and fix each other's hair and never look at a man
We'll be good together