everyone's fitting out their suburban palace there's the faux gold coast or the

tuscan pagoda and this from people who once lived in kingswood country or

on farms with tennis court envy your once best friend is now a complaining

house frau at least she's made it into town and is no longer 'stuck out there'

surprised she doesn't remember the perverse magic but perhaps this is what

marks her as authentic and you as vicarious she's become harsh as her 

mother the negative 'we'll all be rooned' gossip of keeping up with the

chamberlains who you hear are now landcare mandarins life on their 

property was always emblematic but ingratiation between butch and femme

twins amuck in the quiet paddocks is something more stellar than even late

night shopping at the mall back then we mined the duality together the

chiaroscuro kept me split

Keri Glastonbury reads Subtle Plague