Translated by Saba Vasefi 



A life freezed out, a childhood folded,

My fragile fall, shedding forlorn dreams,

They drop like drizzle, adrift and dim.


Taken away from my homes,

Engulfed in strife, a heavy price to pay,

Still, in disarray, I strive to find my route.

Persecutors plot to preserve me in fright,

Yet I'm here to escalate my light,

And shattering the shade that

Demands my despondency.


I testify, the past is not extinct.

I claim it, in every dawn,

More you ignored me,

Deeper my gash grew.


Brick by brick, I'll build a home,

Between my scars, a space for my own,

Layer by layer, I'll cure the ulcers.


A home within, where the love thrives,

Between self-harm scars, a new self arrives.


I'm a seed of resistance, 

Planted in the pain, grown alone,

Drawing value from endurance, 

Bathed in the moon's rays, 

Behind the moldy tent.


Each sore on my skin, is an affidavit

To a child who craved care but faced indifference,

Achieving nothing but a cold smile.


My skin is now a canvas of survival.

Dear oppressor, will you dare to listen

What have you done to a little girl's life?


I ascend,

To claim my might, 

Unbowed, unbarred,

A survivor's tale, brave and bold

A triumph’s tale, valiant and wise.


I'll build my sanctuary, brick by brick,

between my scars

Where I'll flourish

As a witness of an unwavering fight.