The trees tell me stories at night 
Backlit by the moon 
And our guides 
Painting me a picture 
Of a history yet to be born 
I watch silently 
As they dance me a story 
Drawing faces 
My pearl eyes peering 
Back lit by doubt 

What will become 
I ask out loud 
My hands full of seeds 
And no trowel 
Just nails caked with dirt 
From sifting this ground 

These saplings grow so slow 
And my tongue trips over their names 
In language of my land 
My scent in this soil 
Forgive me if I fail 
My hands are held down by my own shortcomings
And these stakes are too high 
For one child 

Don’t worry daughter 
They whisper 
Your breath in this soft bark 
Will shade the leaves of trees 
Stretching for the sky 
To drop fruit at the feet 
Of saltwater blood 
We will take your memories with us 

I allow a small smile 
(Who am I to question trees) 
Piecing a part of myself 
Into the night dancers 
For the others to see 

For another peering child 
Tucked in the night 
Stroking gum leaves 
Wondering why