I don't know how to write anymore
I don't write anymore
I'm not sure if writing has become a luxury
Falling wayside to practical things
Like get up, wash hair, get to work by 9am leave at 5pm
Start second job, side hustle bring in money
Eat, shit, get fat, stop fucking your husband
You're both fat now
And you work till midnight every fucking day
Wind down
Drink more wine
Deal with 20 something's telling you about coping mechanisms
And active relaxing
Boomers telling you you're not frugal
Like they're out there churning butter
Churn your butter before you talk to me
Trust fund babies sharehousing
Dumpster diving
Telling you you're now bougie
Like they've ever known any different
Safety nets open up lifestyles you never thought possible
While Gen X men tell you over and over again
How much they hate their kids
Hate their kids
Hate their kids
Before asking, when are you going to have kids?
When are you going to do it?
Have kids?
Everyone is having kids these days
Nothing else left for it
Gotta have kids and send em to Steiner
So they can learn how to churn butter
We'll beat the apocalypse if we all recycle
While Gen X gen Z women keep asking how do you make beeswax wraps?
Beeswax wraps are the future
Glad wrap is death
Glad wrap is death
Glad wrap is death
Send your kids to school with their beeswax wrapped,
Peanut free, gluten free, vegan sandwich
The ocean is on fire
The rivers are on fire
Everything is on fire all the fucking time
Fuck your beeswax wraps
Fuck your poetry
Fuck your memory
Fuck your identity
Everything is a luxury
Get up, work, eat, shit, eat shit
It's all designed to keep you compliant
Screaming down the keys of a keyboard
Taking on memes as identity
Taking on pseudoscience as the Bible
Leaning on the Bible in defiance
Using religion to keep xenophobia sidelined
Hide it behind national identity
Listening to marketing executives disguised as world leaders
Espouse national exceptionalism
Dressed up, dumbed down
In a plaid shirt and an Akubra
Clancy of the fucking underwhelm over here
Just told us to ignore medical science
Too much in common with flat earth society
Sharing debunked philosophies
As accuracies
I'm not a microbiologist but...
Let me tell you about these three things I read on the internet
That's not a meme that's an infographic
Maybe if I just turned the news off it'd all go away
And I could write poetry again
One day.