Let me tell you:

in strangers’ houses
all roads lead to rooms
mirrors turn a blind eye

to undone hair and buttons
the swoop of lambent moths
and other accidental creatures

kitchen tables float like coral
pomegranates stain your
hands blood red for days

space is reserved for
long eyes and afternoons
glancing in windowsills

every day a new photograph
in the thraldom of debt
I grew out of all that dust.

Australian poet Lindsay Tuggle travelled to Belmore to work with the students of All Saints Grammar on the Toilet Doors learning resource, which was developed by Red Room Poetry that explores guerrilla poetry. Along with army dudes armoured with inventive poems, the classroom was re-wallpapered with Notice Poems. Lindsay Tuggle wrote 'The Ventriloquist's Lament' for the students of All Saints Grammar.