Please disregard the disruptions 
Disconnect from the obstructions
The growth of this canopy pleads 
Unweave the wires that bind
Recharge yourself and 
Re find 
Another way to be
What was lost but not forgotten all of those years ago 
Re align 
Your eyes 
With what time 
Has changed
Be ready to sacrifice 
What you see from what you feel 
And change your mind 
When you see this space 
The descriptions that European artists forgot to enclose 
Already etched from the soil and ochre 
When they spoke of our country with fine paint brush strokes 
What is invoked, for you within these mangroves?
Still home to Burran gowa and Girrigan 
Just a swamp
Each beach and cove 
Outlines of images emerge
Inlets of goannas and snakes 
Taking the shape 
Recorded by warriors 
As they navigated this place 
Rebellion thrives within the shadows 
Of these trees
As they always will 
And always have been 
Birds eye view
Seen from the sky 
Interpreting creations 
As Biamie inscribed them on the lids of many eyes 
Inspiring song
Held in memories 
Time will tell 
Time will tell 
What we leave behind
In this wasteland of ideas thought of long ago 
Read the seasons 
Know the difference and the reasons 
The sacredness embodied as we see them 
Why are we here?
In this gathering ground 
Of ancestors voices 
Within the water
As it ebbs and flows 
And remember 
To not invade the space
These soldiers of salt 
2 ton
Towers piled high out of the wet 
Scream don’t touch 
We once built up wealth 
These estuaries and streams 
That have once conceived poison and dreams
Mud stains 
On flood plains 
Tell how times have changed 
In only some ways 
Chases the stars away 
Spirit stands strong
While sun rays touch each day
Push the dark away
Push the dark away
And with each day
Learn to read the land in other ways 
Hands of the bay 
Hold lines describing what was here in the old days 
Says a lot more than what the signs say 
Find ways 
To waste the time away 
In the protection of the shade  
And hide away 
To another time 
Where women fished in nowi
And raised warriors strong and in the kindest of ways.
These kind of bays 
Tell our story
If you find the ways
Follow the inlets and the water 
From Pemulwuy’s day
The Bay of Cadi to Kamay
Burramatigul to Tubbagulie
To the home of the Dharawal people 
And beyond 
Hopefulness still blooms 
And remains strong
Claps a beat
Through layers 
Of questions 
We ask ourselves in the stillness 
Of contemplation  
And stay reminded
That beauty still resides here after 228 years
In silence