By Dorothea Rosa Herliany
Translated by Mona Zahra Attamimi.


who knows where i am. whirling

inside a labyrinth. it is the longest journey

without a map. and this darkness is utterly

perfect.  i grope my way through an alley flanked by a river

and a ravine.


there’s a scream, it sounds like a song. it may have

come from my mouth.  i hear a moan, it sounds like

a hum. it may have come from my mouth.


but this land of alienation is utterly

perfect: your body that is scattered with worms, 

i shall ignore - until i have completed this blissful

coitus and also, before i have completed stabbing

you in the heart, ripping out your cock and grating

you with every kind of pain.    



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