Thoughts spoken out loud
breath impelled below in the tidal estuary, in the river 

in crevice and crevasse both in delight and light
by love and longing      desire’s invisible fibre     

incomprehensible longing searching for words,
words turning out later to be the simplest thoughts: 

there on the table, a bunch of yellow and gold bottlebrushes   
leaning away from each other akimbo in a grey Japanese vase 

yet so connected in curve, wedge, spray arching
spinning in the suddenly dipping time-fold --    

There, as you look, time’s felt as real and physical
overwhelming at the point it disappears

turning, as it does, into one of the many times
fused in the regard of things 

not unlike the point of breakthrough in
the struggle to be loved and to love 

in which completeness and transparence      (lucid, woven strands)
blend and flow in words and acts

"Thoughts spoken out loud..."