The moon full and bright again
Hangs over the city
As I drive down Salisbury Rd
Synchronicity, you've done it again
The crowd mills around
I feel distant
Connecting only to the moon

Black bear accompanies me
Then in a careless moment she's gone
Trod beneath the feet
Of a thousand mourners
Clouds obscure the moon
I cry out in despair
And begin to mourn again

Heavenly choir lifts and rolls
The moon breaks free
Drifts in and out
As the endless list of names
Goes on and on
Strangers, friends, acquaintances
Too many, too many

Then, "Let us remember...
David Englebrecht..."
The names continue

The loss of black bear is announced
"Please bring her back
She's a very important bear"
A twinge of embarrassment
Mixes with joy
As she's lovingly returned to my arms

Oxford St
All eyes on me
Leather man grins
"I'm glad you got your bear back"

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