Translated by Saba Vasefi

The Taliban forced me to change 

my home, more than my shoes.

For two decades, I’m nomad

from this continent to another

Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia, Nauru 

and Australia now. 


Nowhere on the earth

embraces me to settle. 

I touched tyranny 

in the closed camp, 

suffered from indefinite separation 

but my punishment

does not know the end. 


I live free from the fences,

this time community detention 

vetoes me 

from living with my father,

from education and work.

The deprivations

revived in me the desire

to aid

to alleviate the pain.


I can't change the past 

or even the present,

but I can uphold

my hope for the future.


No time to wait for a marvel, 

I write to my dreams 

to come true 

and take me

to the nursing class

where I'm entitled to traverse

the learning roads 

and extrude 

the route of displacement.